C&A Foundation partners with Women on Wings on employee engagement

C&A Foundation and Women on Wings are partnering in a program to create jobs for women in rural India. C&A Foundation will support the existing activities of Women on Wings and in addition, C&A employees who participate in a volunteer program will provide their expertise to business partners of Women on Wings. By sharing their knowledge, the C&A employees are active contributors to C&A’s shared vision of a sustainable lives, from farmer to factory.

C&A Foundation: effecting real, systemic change
C&A Foundation aspires to a fair and sustainable apparel industry, based on respect and that is in balance with nature.  Where everyone touched by the industry – from farmer to consumer – can thrive.
To achieve this, C&A Foundation has three focus areas:

  • Promoting the sourcing and reuse of raw materials that are better for the environment and for the people producing them;
  • Ensuring a more transparent and responsible apparel industry in which positive environmental impact drives long-term profitability;
  • Eempowering men and women to create change to improve their lives and livelihoods across the entire supply chain.

Building on C&A’s history to create a better future
C&A has a long history of charitable giving, stretching back to 1841, when two brothers, Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer, together founded the clothing retailer C&A, and only a few months later, made the first recorded contribution to help those less fortunate.

As the business grew and expanded globally, the generations of family entrepreneurs that followed, continued and solidified that philanthropic tradition. Today, the global C&A Foundation continues this philanthropic journey.