Round table celebration in India

On 10 September, Women on Wings celebrated its 7th anniversary in New Delhi with a round table, hosted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New Delhi. Various Women on Wings stakeholders in India were present, like foundations, corporates, business partners and staff.

Modi government for women empowerment and developing rural villages
The Modi government has put women empowerment and development of rural villages high on its agenda. The Dutch Ambassador, Mr. Fons Stoelinga, emphasized the role of Women on Wings regarding the inequality between man and woman in India. In India, women’s contribution to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is very low. This has to go up for the overall social and economic development. Mr. Stoelinga rephrased one of Mr. Modi’s election quotes, referring to the work of Women on Wings: “Also for women the good days are coming”.

Impacting lives of 25,000 rural families after 5 years collaborating
Ellen Tacoma, co-founder Women on Wings, introduced Women on Wings to the audience. Dilip Barooha, CEO of Fabric Plus, one of Women on Wings’ business partners, shared the joint journey of 5 years collaborating and co-creating an impact on the lives of 25,000 rural families in Assam. Thanks to the income they get for working in silk rearing for Fabric Plus, their lives have improved significantly. Dilip: “I wish for a long live for Women on Wings, our relationship and for a better future of our world.“

Catalysing social and environmental progress
Peter ter Weeme, Principal Junxion Strategy, told the audience all about how to catalyze social and environmental progress. Peter: “The world is in imbalance. The earth’s top 300 wealthy people own as much as 3 billion at the bottom of the period.” Junxion has long been recognized for thinking at the forefront of sustainability and social impact and helps executive teams unite strategy, responsibility and results.

Joining hands with National Skill Development Cooperation
Another highlight during the round table was the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation with the National Skill Development Cooperation (NSDC). Women on Wings and DSDC will join hands in connecting skill development to job creating business models and vice versa.

Interactive workshop: make a wish list
Women on Wings introduced the ‘Law of Santa Claus’: make a wish list, so Santa knows what you wish for. Ronald van het Hof, Managing Director Women on Wings India: “We wish for more business and funding partners in India. So, we asked all guests to support us and share their appropriate contacts. I was very impressed by the dynamic discussion that followed. A lot of new leads were the result. A great anniversary gift from our guests.”

Here you find more photos of the round table celebration. Photograpy by Women on Wings expert Marcel van Mourik