New team members for Women on Wings in India

Recenlty, Ms. Anupama Mairal and Ms. Supriya Kapoor joined the Women on Wings team in India. Due to the expansion of the Indian Women on Wings activities, two fulltime consultants were acquired.

Implementing Fundraising strategy
Anupama Mairal will be leading the implementation of the Women on Wings fundraising strategy in India. She has vast experience in corporate fundraising. Before she entered the world of fundraising, she worked at Indian financial institutions like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and Future Capital Holdings.
Anupama: “I firmly believe in the vision of Women on Wings. With my experience I can definitely contribute to this vision and empower women in rural India. I consider myself privileged to be a part of the team.”

Strengthening portfolio and results business partners
Supriya Kapoor will be responsible for the implementation of the defined strategy for acquiring new business partners and consultancy at existing business partners. She has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, business development, program design and service delivery, working at companies like Aon Hewitt, GE, Vodafone and HCL.
Supriya: “Living in India gives you a firsthand exposure to the sheer inequities that exist between the `haves’ and the `have nots’. I am excited by the Women on Wings model of facilitating excellence and innovation in the development arena for the most underprivileged, bottom-of-the-pyramid clientele, namely rural women.”

Bringing new insights and positive energy to the team
Ronald van het Hof, Managing Director Women on Wings India: “From day one Anupama and Supriya both bring new insights and a lot of positive energy to the team. We will strongly benefit from their experience and knowledge. With this powerful team in India, we definately will achieve our goals”.
The team in India now comprises three fulltime consultants, Anupama Mairal, Supriya Kapoor, Parul Sharma, and three parttime consultants, Rupa Girish, Tanveen Ratti, Deepika Sharma, plus Ronald van het Hof and Ineke Bezembinder.

Photo by Marcel van Mourik for Women on Wings, fltr: Deepika, Tanveen, Ronald, Ineke, Anupama, Supriya, Parul, Rupa