Drishtee: the fast way forward to growth

Women on Wings business partner Drishtee successfully tested a ‘proof of concept’ for a weekly fresh vegetable basket, delivered at the doorstep of urban families, produced by rural female farmers. Women on Wings consultant Deepika Sharma works with the Drishtee team on this pilot: “The pilot runs with over 30 urban subscribers whose feedback is used to improve the basket at its best. Next step is to look at its’ supply chain.”

Innovative ideas to create an impact with
Drishtee shows great ability to generate innovative ideas that can make an impact to their goals: sharing prosperity between rural female farmers and urban families. On 8 September, Women on Wings worked with the management to identify and prioritize the various other ideas and businesses that Drishtee is currently working on. Ellen Tacoma, co-founder of Women on Wings: “We asked Drishtee to populate a spreadsheet with their ideas to establish stage, timelines, resource requirements, constraints, etc.. We requested the team to identify two weaknesses where we could work on, that same week.”

Promising business in aromatic oils
Swapna Mishra, Community Lead of Drishtee: “We may allow a longer and stronger `incubation’ of successful concepts, so we may be more successful in the `scale‘ phase. The workshop by Women on Wings on our aromatic oils business on 12 September gave us great insights in our process, competencies, prioritization and evaluation mechanisms.” Supriya Kapoor, Women on Wings’ Senior Business Consultant adds: “Next to that, we also looked at the organizational structuring and the expertise requirements. Next week we shall do a workshop on Drishtee’s apparel business to maintain the fast way forward.”