New business partner Wingreens Farms

Women on Wings signed a collaboration agreement with Wingreens Farms, which vision is “to marry the concepts of social good and environmental sustainability with high profitability in the field of agriculture”.

Environmental sustainability and farming practices
Wingreens Farms is reworking the manner in which business in the Agriculture sector is being carried out in India. Through demonstration along with education, Wingreens Farms has succeeded in moving farmers away from traditional, water hungry crops to far more lucrative and water efficient crops.

WIN-win situation
The ‘WIN’ in Wingreens stands for “Women’s Initiative Network”. Wingreens empowers women both financially and emotionally. Anju Srivastava, managing founder Wingreens: “At our Wingreens Farms Training Institute, rural and semi urban women are given certified skill training in the field of food technology, food hygiene and food processing. Next to this, we sponsor the education of the children of our women. This gives them the assurance that their children are not only well taken care of, but that they receive a quality education while their mothers are at work.”

Organic road towards 2017
Women on Wings will support the Wingreens team in scaling up their business by working with them on the growth strategy and setting out a roadmap until 2017. Last week, Ellen Tacoma, co-founder Women on Wings, signed the collaboration agreement at the Wingreens office in Gurgaon: “Our joint goal is to create a company that processes a wide range of organic products which will be sold in India and beyond through various sales channels. I tasted some of their products myself and they really are of the finest quality.”

Growing organic food market
As organic foods experience a growing market in India, a huge demand can be expected for the quality products from Wingreens. A significant increase of the number of women that find employment through Wingreens, will be the result.