Search for new Indian team members

As Women on Wings is expanding its activities in India, it also needs to expand its team in India. Women on Wings is looking for a senior consultant, a fundraising consultant and a sanitary pads program manager.

Attracted to our mission
Last week, the first rounds of interviews with candidates took place. These candidates were introduced to Women on Wings by Ronald van het Hof, MD of India, and Ineke Bezembinder, office manager. Five of these candidates were selected for the second round of interviews. Next to Ronald van het Hof, Maria van der Heijden, co-founder Women on Wings, and Vikas Chaturvedi, member of the board of Women on Wings attended these interviews.
Maria: “The candidates we met are all attracted to our mission of creating employment for rural women and want to contribute by doing what they’re good at.”

Practice shows the talent
Two of the first selected candidates will be assessed by a professional agency. Part of this assessment is a real life case. More interviews will take place in the coming weeks.