Rangsutra stand alone brand in the making

In the week of 23 June, expert Karen de Loos worked with Women on Wings’ business partner Rangsutra in Delhi on its brand repositioning. Next to garments and home accessories, which are being made by women in rural India for Indian and international brands such as Fabindia and IKEA, Rangsutra had the desire to investigate their options for its own brand.
Karen: “Literally by shopping for ideas in shopping malls. We checked Indian and international retail. What can we learn from other brands and what inspires us?”

Next steps
The Rangsutra team and Karen turned the ideas into an action plan with roles & responsibilities for each team member, based on the P’s of the marketing mix: product, price, place and promotion. Sumita, CEO Rangsutra: “One of the ideas is to make a ‘story’ about how the new collection was being made. This story we can tell on Facebook, on our website and other communications materials.”
The collection to be designed should be based on these outcomes and brand positioning.