Symposium ‘India Revitalized’ at Nyenrode

The grandeur of the Nyenrode Business University cobbled stone salon was the setting for the ‘India Revitalized’ symposium on June 20 in which Women on Wings shed her light on doing business in India. Organized by the Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC), Netherlands Chapter, the aim was to inform on the latest investment opportunities in India against the backdrop of a newly elected Indian government.

Economic growth and infrastructure key issues new Modi government
Around 60 participants from both Indian and Dutch companies learned about business opportunities in India in general and Gujarat in specific. Expectations are high for foreign investment in India since the new Modi government is in charge. Economic growth and improving the infrastructure are the key issues of the new government.

Success story Fabric Plus
Ellen Tacoma, co-founder of Women on Wings, presented Women on Wings to the audience. Ellen: “I explained our work and shared our success story with Fabric Plus. At the start of our collaboration in 2009, the number of rural women that found employment through Fabric Plus was 214. We worked intensely with the board and management teams on improving the entire business chain of Fabric Plus. As a result, they now create employment for over 25,000 women!”

Opportunities and paper work
Ronald van het Hof, MD of Women on Wings India, shared his experiences of living and doing business in India. Ronald: “Accept the paperwork, rules, regulations and cultural differences. You can’t change the system, so it is best to deal with it. But finding the right partner for legal affairs and accounting/taxes is a must. In return you will find a very warm culture in which time is plentiful. If you learn to grab the moment, you will seize many opportunities.”

India Modi-fied
Dr. Vikas S. Chaturvedi, Director of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce, Netherlands Chapter: “I see the newly elected Modi government creating many new opportunities for foreign companies to do business in India. That’s why I organized this symposium. Dutch companies must know things are changing already. You could say that India is Modi-fied and hence time to invest in India.”

Excellent compliments
The symposium closed with a network diner. Women on Wings met many new contacts. Ellen and Ronald spoke with his Excellency the Ambassador of India to the Netherlands, Mister Rajesh Prasad. He complimented Women on Wings on its work in India: fusing Western business knowledge with the Indian way of doing business, which results in growing Indian social businesses and more employment for women in rural India.
Rabobank Nederland, Advait BV and HVK Advisory participated as sponsors to the symposium.