New experts in strategy, business development and animal management

In the last quarter three new experts were added to the team of Women on Wings. Ashna Bhawan, Robert Verhagen and Carol Dohmen are professionals in business consultancy at different topics. With a background in Strategic Sales as a Business Development Manager at a multinational company, Ashna supports organizations to optimize their business performance and maximize their (global) customer reach with the ultimate goal to increase their profitability. Last month Ashna worked with Ronald at Jeevika in Patna, Bihar.

Energizing work
Robert Verhagen travels a lot to India and works closely with Indian colleagues to deliver e-Commerce offshore services from India to customers around the world. Robert: “Working closely with the people in India is really energizing. Their drive and mentality that anything is possible, truly inspires me!” In the last 2 months Robert worked with Craftmandi in Jaipur.

Exchange of knowledge and ideas
Carol Dohmen is expert in animal husbandry farming systems, gender issues and organisational development. She will add and share her business knowledge with NAMPCO, a dairy cooperative in Tamil Nadu and business partner of Women on Wings since 2013. Carol: “I feel strongly committed to contribute to solutions where the improvement of the life of rural women and sustainable use of resources go hand in hand. I believe in the exchange of knowledge and ideas between people, farmers, experts, scientists and business(wo-)men alike, the concept of Women on Wings.

Human capital
The expert team of Women on Wings is the human capital of the organization. The experts are professionals with at least 15 years of work experience in areas like strategy, business development, HR, retail and logistics, organization and finance. They make their knowledge, skills and time available and contribute to realizing the goal of Women on Wings: one million jobs for women in rural India. Experts work on a pro bono basis, for a minimum of fifteen days per year, either in the Netherlands, in India, or both.