23 experts share their stories about work in rural India

This week, a group of 23 experts met to share stories about their work in India for Women on Wings.  Adrianne Jonquiere went to Bihar and Maharashtra last April/May for Sanitary Pad programmes. In Bihar Adrianne was introduced to new partners for a new program ‘Making periods normal’ which Women on Wings runs with Simavi and Rutgers WPF.  The production pilot for sanitary pads in Maharashtra needs improvement, hence the pilot is delayed.

For expert Robert Verhagen, it was his first visit to India for Women on Wings. As of March he works with new business partner Craftmandi. Their challenge is to create sustainable work for 60,000 artisans. Robert worked with the management of Craftmandi on their strategy and approach to create an e-commerce platform. Robert was touched by the drive and energy of the Craftmandi team.

Cornélie Guise shared  her fascinating story of product development at Jharcraft. Along with our Indian consultant Tanveen Ratti she organized workshops to establish a number of new end-products. Along with the team of Jharcraft, they generated great ideas for new home furnishing products. In the coming months, this will be further developed.

In other words, three great contributions to this evening. Thanks to Adrianne, Robert and Cornélie.