Playfulness and humor in business

Every time I visit India, I am impressed by the colors and uplifting spirits of the people. Struggling to get by every day, with a smile on their face.

And how similar we are despite all our differences. In a meeting with women, attending a course on menstrual hygiene, I was curious to hear from these women. They were more interested in hearing me speak, because – I think – it sounded funny. I am not sure if they understood any English, but they cracked up as soon as I opened my mouth. And we think Indians speak in a funny way…

My guess is that humor is the best way to bridge our differences. I also experienced that in Maharashtra with Aakar and SSP. We had some tough discussions about our pilot, how to solve our problems and what would be the best way forward. The debate at some points inspired great passion, but would always end with a laugh and a pat on the back.

What a treat to work with different cultures!