In 1 week experts in Ranchi create new products from beautiful handloom fabric and test in new customer category

This week a Dutch – Indian team work on product development with the marketing and design team of Jharcraft in Ranchi. Jharcraft has a stock of handloom fabric which cannot be used for the high end market. Tanveen Ratti and Cornelie Guise explore how to use the beautiful handwomen fabric in a product range for another category of customers. The aim is also to test the samples this week on a small scale in the market. How exciting: just one week to develop the idea to concrete products.

Cornelie Guise is an experienced mindful marketeer with 15+ years of experience in marketing and communications. Tanveen Ratti is a designer for high end Indian handmade products. Jharcraft and Women on Wings work together for more than 2 years in market and customer oriented consultancy.