Trade mission to Bihar leads to opportunities for new partnerships

Looking for more Indian businesses to cooperate with, Women on Wings happily took on the invitation for the trade mission to Bihar organized by the Dutch Embassy to promote and boost trade between India and the Netherlands. Women on Wings participated to this trade mission, headed by Dutch Ambassador Mr. Stoelinga on 25 and 26 February 2014, meeting new business partners so as to realize our ambitious goal of creating 1 million jobs for women in rural India.

For Women on Wings the Dutch Embassy managed to connect the right people and organizations. Ronald van het Hof, MD Women on Wings India: “I was pleased to meet many organizations that work on women empowerment and job creating business models. This trade mission was already successful in that I have already planned a second visit to Bihar to further discuss collaborating with some of the organizations I met. I am convinced great partnerships and many more jobs for women will ultimately result from this trade mission.”

Not only partnerships with Indian social enterprises will come out of the trade mission. Indirectly, also a new member for the Indian team joined Women on Wings. Parul Sharma was inspired about Women on Wings’ goal and approach by her father, who participated to the trade mission on behalf of Philips. Parul contacted Women on Wings and, as it turned out, had just the expertise that the Indian team was looking for. Parul will perform desk research on screening and selecting new organizations all over India with whom Women on Wings could possibly collaborate.