Inspiration for young talent of Rabobank

The financial sector has a tough time in re-finding her values and core competences. On March 14, young potentials of Rabobank Netherlands gathered together in their annual ‘Young Rabo Congress’. Managing co-founder of Women on Wings Maria van der Heijden shared her story on social entrepreneurship and Women on Wings. For the audience the main message was: of course financial results are the premises for the business, but people get thrilled and excited about social goals like creating one million jobs for women in rural India. Maria to the audience: ‘You can make the change you wish to see in the financial sector. Stand up and create a new culture together.’

The theme for the 2014 Congress was ‘Do It Together’. All the rumour around the brand is quite a challenge for the people who work at Rabobank. Two days before the congress, a Dutch newspaper headed: Who is still interested in a job at a bank? Wout Dekker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Rabobank, shared his learnings very openly with the attendees. The Libor issue, which involved 16 international banks including Rabobank, was managed by Rabobank on ratio and not on emotions. Wout’s story was very inspiring for the attendees; also on board level people learn every day.

Maria worked at Rabobank from 1996 till 2001. Afterwards she was involved in change programs at Rabobank till 2007 as change manager through her own company ComVerander. Women on Wings is supported by Rabobank Utrechtse Waarden and Rabo Charity Desk.