First IKEA order for Rangsutra

Yet again Sumita Ghose, director and founder of Rangsutra, managed to achieve a success for the social enterprise where almost 1,800 artisans are also shareholders. Rangsutra got its first order from IKEA, which consists of home furnishing products. The products will soon be available for IKEA customers in a selected number of stores in Europe.

Foreign retailers entering the Indian market, by law have to source 30% of their products in the domestic Indian market with suppliers with an annual turnover of less than $ 1 million. It is expected that local purchase worth $ 100 billion will be the result of this foreign direct investments in the next 10 years. This means great opportunities for growth of SMEs and a massive growth potential for jobs in the rural areas in India. But there is a huge gap to bridge.

Women on Wings is positioned as the partner in India to bridge the gap between hand- and homemade activities and the demanded requirements. Supporting Social Medium Enterprises in the rural area’s in their growth in all disciplines like developing the required organization structure and management, supply chain management, marketing, production efficiency, quality improvement, product development, procurement, financial reporting, compliance etc. With this support the supplier companies can have a “controlled” growth with a solid foundation, necessary for a sustainable future and a long-term relation with the retailers.

Recently Ellen Tacoma worked with Rangsutra to outline action needed to be taken to fulfil this order. In spring Edwin van den Brand and Karen de Loos will work on the implementation of compliance rules, internal communication and continuation of branding Rangsutra and it’s beautiful products.

“As always it is inspiring to meet the Rangsutra team. Great energy and dedication towards their own growth ambition. Working together for many years makes me really feel being part of the team,” Ellen Tacoma.