Connections for growth

The idea that knowledge means power is from another century. In today’s online world where social media plays an important role, sharing is the key to success.

At the same time, being occupied with your daily business of getting things done and delivered, does not always leave you enough time to look around and be aware of who could support you.

Trust plays an important role
That’s why it makes me very happy that Women on Wings in India does not only play a role in hands-on support for social enterprises to create growth. We also actively introduce organizations to each other. That could vary from buying Eri yarn for weaving, Tasar silk for embroidery, natural dyes for an environmental friendly dying process, capacity in knotting rugs or linking producer groups to those who have good access to the market. Simple connections within our network of business partners in which trust plays an important role.

Focus on one country
We work in different States in India and there for automatically get a good overview. It underlines our choice made at the start of Women on Wings to focus on one country only and build a great network of partners. And all these connections support growth of the business and work for women in rural India!