The right time is not the same for everyone

One of the biggest challenges working in India is that if you are convinced of the right timing others might have another perspective :-)

Clear planning cycle
This, we experienced in Jharkhand last week. About 18 months ago we had a session with the entire team, design, production, marketing, sales… everyone was involved. The goal of the session was to create a mutual understanding of the production period; from design to readymade products, delivered in the shops.

The challenge was there. Everyone had another expectation. The exercise though, resulted in a good understanding and more important: a clear planning cycle. For example: how many months do you need before presenting your collection successfully in time…. let´s say for Diwali. Awareness of time changed the planning cycle. The intentions after the workshop were high.

In time for seasons and events
Now, one and a half year later we were deeply impressed. The team explained enthusiastic how the planning cycle is working now. The entire planning, including testing products prior to production was standardized and in time for seasons and events.

Maybe we thought timing could have been different. But since it is their timing the effect will be much larger.