Jharcraft: the right time is not the same for everyone

Planning and timing can be looked at from different perspectives. This, Ellen Tacoma, co-founder Women on Wings, and Ronald van het Hof, Managing Director Women on Wings India, experienced last week while working with the team of our business partner Jharcraft in Ranchi.

Ellen: “Some 14 months ago we had a workshop on assortment planning with the same team. How many months do you need, from designing a product to have it delivered in the shops. At that time, all of them looked at the exercises with different expectations. Which made sense, as they came from different departments like design, production, marketing and sales. However, it resulted in a good understanding, a clear planning cycle and a strong motivation to start working on it immediately.”

Ronald continues: “The same team told us this time, 14 months later, that the planning cycle is working now. The entire planning, including testing products prior to production, is standardized and makes sure products are on time for seasons sales like Diwali and events. Maybe we thought timing could have been different. But since it is their timing the effect will be much larger.”