Creating jobs goes beyond working with our Indian clients

The purpose of my trip to India was to discuss administrative guidelines and procedures for auditing with the accountants of the Indian Women on Wings office in Gurgaon. We need to create an annual report for 2013 that can serve to consolidate the Dutch balance sheet and statement of income and expenditure. The preparation of the annual report is in full progress. Quite challenging as the Indian book year runs from April till March while in the Netherlands we end the year in a few days from now. This year it will be the first time that the Indian figures must be validated by an external auditor.

While enjoying Indian tea and chips at the accountants office just across the Women on Wings office, we got confidence that the annual report would be a correct and complete representation of the actual situation. The accountant team is fully committed to deliver the right reporting and an interim report as per December 31st.

Next to working at our office on the November accounts and annual report, the working schedule left opportunities for me to visit rural India and meet local women. A true gift.

José Verbeek,
Finance Professional Women on Wings