One Rug, One Story, One Company and 100,000 jobs

Mature results require a mature organization

Jaipur Rugs, a very promising company currently already making a difference for 40,000 rural artisan women.  The ambition for 2020 is to have 100,000 rural artisan women educated, employed, empowered, “enriched” and an envied example for their community and kids.

These growth ambitions require an organization that is able to cope with that growth. Therefore the question of Jaipur Rugs was:

  • How should this growing organization be structured, managed and coordinated as a professionally operating company, preserving the core social identity (“founders mentality”) for continuity and growth?

The founders mentality is all about the social goals and background of the company which has been instrumental in Jaipur Rugs’ reputational, economical and social success.

The situation, as in so many fast growing companies, is the ever increasing challenge to secure coordination between growing and internationally more and more dispersed departments and daughter organizations.

What Women on Wings did, using our knowledge and expertise as a Growth Accelerator:
• A quick assessment of the organizational fit to the challenges ahead based upon a model rating fitness on: Structure & control, Operational processes, technology, Values & Behavior, Leadership, People Management, KPIs, Management Controls, Roles & Responsibilities
Purpose and Objectives
In the next few months, after some more homework by Jaipur Rugs, Women on Wings and Jaipur Rugs will boil down on a new organizational blueprint that is ready for the future challenges.

• Starting to change the organization from within by very interactive workshops, in which new behavior was experimented with.

• A planned change and communication approach to help support the changes within the organization.

Ronald, Nicolette and Mark of Women on Wings enjoyed working and learning alongside the wonderful people of Jaipur Rugs, all in an effort to secure our own very mature ambitions; 1Million new jobs for women in rural India.

And in the word of our Jaipur Rugs friends: “It was a pleasure working with you at Jaipur during the past week. The one week engagement has been very helpful for us to further refine our thinking on organizational growth and clearly articulate the issues around people management, leadership, cross-functional coordination”

 Photo of workshop: Marcel van Mourik