Durga to play starring role in Women on Wings movie

Durga to play starring role in Women on Wings movie

Durga is 31 years old and lives and works in Delwara, a village in Rajasthan. She also plays the lead role in a short Women on Wings movie that was filmed last week.

Durga is a group leader at Sadhna, a co-op in Udaipur that employs 700 women in the production of handmade textiles, like shawls, saris and pillows. Durga was forced into an arranged marriage when she was just 6 years old. She moved in with her husband and his family at age 15. One year later her daughter Anjali, now 16 herself, was born. Anjali is in high school and is older than her mother was when she had her first child. Anjali wants to become a doctor or an accountant when she finishes high school and will only consider marriage when she can financially support herself.

A lot has changed in just one generation. Durga works, has her own income and can send her daughter to school. Anjali is learning a vocation and will only get married once she has finished her studies and worked for a few years. A job and an income give women wings. It gives women who have little to nothing, the opportunity to give their children an education. Working is empowering and builds confidence. It gives women a voice in the village, a say over their children’s education and the ability to become a role model for their daughters. Durga’s story proves the Women on Wings belief that work and income do make a big difference and impact the next generation.

The movie was shot by LexDekkerVideos.

“Thanks to the consultancy of Women on Wings, we now understand our team strengths and areas of improvement and more importantly, how we should be organizing ourselves going forward.”

Siva Devireddy
Founder and CEO at GoCoop