Ode to Earth event 2013 turns out great Diwali Mela

Over 30,000 people visited the annual market event of Ode to Earth. The three days of the event were organized in partnership with the Diwali Mela at Epicentre, Gurgaon, India on 18 – 20th October. Diwali is celebrated on 3rd November and in the run up to this major Hindu festival, a lot of Mela’s (market events) take place. Diwali is the time of year to give presents.

Ode to Earth is a specialized affiliate of ACCESS Development Services with an aim to link small producers to the mainstream markets in order to create employment and provide sustainable livelihood. ACCESS and Women on Wings work together since 2008 on the Ode to Earth events. Prior to the annual events, Women on Wings organized workshops for the stand holders, on visual merchandise and sales. In 2008, experts Henk Seelt and Paul van ‘t Veld designed the Ode to Earth logo.

Ode to Earth 2013 presented the rich craft heritage of India to a large audience. The merchandise consisted of innovative ideas infused with ethnic and contemporary designs which are hand spun and hand woven. Great Diwali gift items like home accessories, garments and fashion accessories, stationery essentials, decorative, pottery, semi-precious Jewelry, gourmet spices and a lot more.