Avani: innovative with 100% natural ingredients from the Himalayas

What distinguishes Avani from other similar organizations is that all products are made with natural dyes. Nature in this Himalayan region, offers everything needed for a wonderful colour palette for the scarves, clothing and carpets that the women make in the villages. Recently, Avani introduced a new product: natural crayons that kids can even eat without it being harmful.

Consultant Deepika Sharma and experts Rosalie van Ruler Thaker and Irene Koel spent four days at Avani’s campus to work with the local team on branding, marketing, finance, costing and pricing. The focus of this visit was on branding. Irene: “We have taken the Avani team on a quest for the identity of the organization. A first step towards thinking in terms of ‘why’ and ‘what’ instead of ‘how’ and to work from a market rather than from sales perspective. In the coming months we will remain closely involved in the further development of the marketing and brand strategy.”

Avani Earth Craft is an artisan cooperation in the North of India. It operates from a central campus and five local centres covering nearly a hundred villages in the region. Avani generates employment for over 1,000 women with a large number of eco – friendly activities. Everything Avani does and makes is 100% natural and hand made.