Trend Summit lets clients observe rather than just look

Observing instead of just watching. That’s what 13 participants learned at the two-day Summit Trend that was organized by Women on Wings in Delhi on the ‘what – why – how ‘ of trends . On 22 and 23 September, the participants were taken on a journey by experts Irene Koel and Karen de Loos that taught them a more market-oriented look.

Ronald van het Hof, MD Women on Wings India: “Our clients are often dealing with the same issues. Like working product driven instead of market driven. Reason for us to organize a workshop on how to change from product driven to market driven. How can the outside world, market and consumers help them in their own marketing, positioning and activities.” Participants shared their experiences and just talking about trends proved an excellent means of promoting market-oriented thinking.

The Trend Summit contained theory, sharing experiences and some practical assignments. They worked in groups on products that could arise from a social trend.  And a ‘shop safari’ to a shopping mall taught them to look differently to product and consumer. Just by merely observing.

Sairam Iyer, Sr. Business Manager at Ode to Earth: “We actually all share the same issue. It is great to share and learn from each other. I have learned not to just look, but to observe. I’m looking forward to implement all in our daily business. Thanks for organizing this workshop for us.” Besides the many positive responses, there was a common conclusion: “Everyone can be a trend watcher; you just need to learn how to look different.”

Photo: expert Marcel van Mourik