Puja for Women on Wings office in India

A Hindu priest (Panditji) performed a prayer ceremony (Puja) in the office of Women on Wings in India in the presence of co-founder Ellen Tacoma, Managing Director India Ronald van het Hof and Office Manager Ineke Bezembinder.

The date for the Puja was determined by the Panditji on the basis of the Hindu calendar. Sunday September 8 was the right day. This was prior to Ganesh Chaturthi, an important Hindu festival in which the (re) birth of the elephant god Ganesha is celebrated.

During the Puja there were prayers for success and prosperity for the business and all stakeholders of Women on Wings, and any negativity was literally driven out of the office with smoke. The gods and nine planets received different offerings during the 1.5-hour ritual. After the Puja, the offerings were sprinkled in the Yamuna in Delhi, the largest tributary river of the Holi River Ganges.