Market opportunities for Rangsutra

The number of artisan groups (producer groups) affiliated with Rangsutra is continuing to increase. In June, Karen de Loos and Ellen Tacoma of Women on Wings made a short business visit to Rangsutra in the province of Rajasthan.

There is more and more demand for the high quality products offered by the company. This summer, good quality embroidery work is very popular in women’s clothing and this is a craft in which Rangsutra excels. This has resulted in continued growth. Another development is the increase in customers from outside India, especially in the category of household textiles. The ambition to become an international brand is gradually taking shape.

What Rangsutra could still improve on, is its communication with all its stakeholders. It has been agreed that Karen de Loos will return in the fall of this year to work on the market opportunities for specific details of this with the team.