Jharcraft: Branding your social impact

What does the Jharcraft brand stand for and how can we develop a brand recognized for its quality that has a significant social impact? After working very close with Jharcraft for one and a half years, we have now reached the second phase of the branding process for this producer of many handmade products.

In June, Karen de Loos and Ellen Tacoma of Women on Wings spent three days working with twelve employees from the marketing, design and production departments on the brand’s foundation. Who are Jharcraft’s competitors and which brand values do we consider important so that we can convey them consistently in the company’s visual communications? Valuable discussions, mood boards to describe the brand’s tone and style, and insight into other brands made the three-day workshop a success.

Mr. Prasant, Production Manager at Jharcraft tells us: ‘I have given and attended a lot of workshops in my life, but the way in which you encourage us to think about ourselves, allow us to work, and let us draw our own conclusions is both unique and extremely effective. We shall certainly remember what we have learned in these few days.’

After the workshop of Karen and Ellen in India, expert Henk Seelt, in the Netherlands, translated and visualized the brand values to a retail brand image. His design proposal was presented to Jharcraft in July. Jharcraft responded very enthusiastically to the proposal and immediately understood the value of conducting a consistent logo and consistent communication. The mix of tradition and contemporary gave exactly where Jharcraft stands.