Collecting and selling milk

Over 1,000 female farmers earn a living from the milk they deliver at NAMPCO, a producer company that collects milk in the villages with the help of ‘collectives’. NAMPCO either processes the milk or sells it on to larger buyers. In June, experts Anke Rotink and Ronald van het Hof joined forces with NAMPCO.

Declining market
While the amount of collected milk is on the rise, the market for it is shrinking. Ninety percent of the milk is sold to larger buyers at reduced rates – an unhealthy situation for the company. Ronald and Anke therefore took the team to a product marketing workshop to help identify their opportunities. As it turns out, there are plenty of sales channels and the number of products can be expanded if the quality of the milk improves.

The right range of products
In the months to come, NAMPCO will work on improving their products and increasing sales. The financial template Anke provided will give the team insight into their cost price analysis and the results of their product range. The right combination of strategy and operations will help NAMPCO continue to grow, and thereby create more jobs for women.