Women on Wings benefits already from local presence in India

Since May 1st Women on Wings has an official representation in India. It runs the office from Gurgaon, close to Delhi. Although Women on Wings was well represented by her consultants Rupa, Tanveen, Deepika and Sreejith, the need for a full-time connection between the Netherlands and India was required. The India team is managed by Ronald van het Hof and supported by Ineke Bezembinder, both already committed for many years to Women on Wings and its goal to create 1 million jobs for women in rural India.

This ambitious goal can be achieved but requires local presence to increase the collaboration with the existing clients and broaden the network with new prospects, potential partners like social impact investors, seed  fund investors, foundations and of course tie ups with Indian companies to collaborate in their CSR programs. In India, there is an official Government Mandate that companies must spend 2% of their profit on CSR activities. Women on Wings is the ideal partner to execute the ideas and programs. The first contact has been made and will have a follow up 3rd week of June.

Another reason to be in India is to strike when the iron is hot or, grab the moment. This has happened already a few times which resulted in interesting meetings and contacts with possible future clients of Women on Wings. Of course you have to use the moment, but that’s only the beginning. From then it takes time to build relationships. That is how it works in India. And that is what Women on Wings believes in: long-term relationships will ultimately result in sustainable growth. Growth for all involved. But most of all growth in jobs for women in rural India. Currently, Women on Wings has created 81,050 jobs for women. The target for 2013: 100,000 jobs. With so many opportunities already, the target seems very realistic!