Hand in hand: High social ambitions and growth

Jaipur Rugs continues to set the bar high: provide training and employment to 100,000 women before 2020. And thus contribute to the lives of these women and their families, in more than six hundred villages in six Indian states.

Since 2010, Women on Wings works with Jaipur Rugs. Jaipur Rugs is a social enterprise that has provided many disadvantaged rural women with training and employment. The company has received several awards for its social business model. In January 2013 it received the Social Impact Award 2012 from the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

Ronald van het Hof and Mark Roerdinkholder of Women on Wings were again in Jaipur last May, to work with the management on further shaping this challenge. Along with Jaipur Rugs they have developed various initiatives.

The ‘Grass root leadership program’ should improve the work of the Jaipur Rugs Quality Supervisors. These are the people in the field who have direct contact with the artisans. With the aim of further increasing the binding of the artisans with Jaipur Rugs and to recruit new artisans so that it can deliver future growth. The company provides more structure and shape to the five-year plan for Jaipur Rugs Foundation in which her social ambitions are expressed. There is also a program developed to connect customers and artisans. Information about the weaver, her family and the village is put on the label of the carpet, so the customer knows who has made his carpet. In turn, the customer can inform the weaver about where the carpet has found its home. In this way, Jaipur Rugs creates emotional value around the brand.

Ronald van het Hof and Mark Roerdinkholder of Women on Wings worked on the growth strategy for Jaipur Rugs in several interactive workshops with its management. Jointly, they developed business cases and project plans for various initiatives which will result in both social and economic returns. That is the Women on Wings method: turn strategic insights into a practical approach. In long-term collaborations, expertise and management methods are exchanged with an  interactive approach.