Jharcraft appoints new year to Year of Marketing

On April 1, the new fiscal year begins in India. And starts the planning for the new year. Expert Ronald van het Hof was at the two-day Annual Meeting of Jharcraft, held in Ranchi. During this meeting, 120 employees were informed about the results of the past year and the targets for the new year in respect of production and sales. How many silk has to be produced, how many yards of fabric should be woven, how much of each product should be sold in stores, etc..

On the first day of the Annual Meeting the employees had to work in groups and make plans to achieve the targets. Along with the Assistant General Manager of Marketing Ashwini, Ronald prepared the presentation for marketing. The year 2013-2014 is the Year of Marketing. This fits in the movement that started last year to change from a product-oriented to a customer-oriented organization. That means that some things really need to change. This is concretized in the plans for 2013-2014 in which the 5 P’s of the marketing mix are followed.

Jharcraft’s mission is “creating opportunities and changing lives”, especially for women in rural Jharkhand. That mission is embraced by all employees and is for many the reason to work for Jharcraft. To further underline this, the Annual Meeting began with the joint reading of the following pledge: “As a member of Team Jharcraft armed with knowledge, commitment, passion and love for the poor, we realize that small aim is a crime. We will work and sweat for a great vision. The vision of making Jharcraft a Global Company with a strong value system. A company dedicated to the poor and women empowerment. The vision has ignited our mind. An ignited mind is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and beneath the earth. We will strive with devotion, dedication and determination to achieve the vision. ”

Ronald: “I was particularly struck by this pledge. Jharcraft really has a very committed team. That was confirmed repeatedly in this two-day Annual Meeting. And that got me an even warmer feeling than the 40 degrees in the auditorium.”