Fabric Plus as a breeding ground for entrepreneurs

On April 14, “Bihu” or the Assamese New Year is celebrated in Assam, northeast India. Bihu festival is celebrated for three days and gifts are exchanged. Women on Wings’ customer Fabric Plus from Guwahati, Assam, celebrates the Bihu festival of course. All female employees receive a silk sari and men a T-shirt.

During the festival Fabric Plus sells many silk products. Especially many silk clothing are bought as a gift for Bihu. There is even a special Bihu market event where entrepreneurs from Assam, including Fabric Plus, sell their silk products. Fabric Plus started in 2005 with the development of silk into yarns and fabrics in Assam and has grown into a company with a social impact of over 15,000 jobs in Assam.

At the market event are also eight entrepreneurs who have worked at Fabric Plus and started their own business in the silk trade. These entrepreneurs, mostly weavers, or former factory employees, have again about 10 employees. So, Fabric Plus is also a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs. Who knows one of these entrepreneurs is growing into a large company as Fabric Plus. A nice side effect in addition to the direct contribution of Fabric Plus to improve the living conditions of the families in Assam by giving women the opportunity to a job and income.