Sporty business contribution results in financial gain for Women on Wings

Rotary Veenendaal organizes an annual company sports day and this year was no different. Eight teams competed in Sporthal West in Veenendaal to raise the most money for four social organizations, including Women on Wings.

The checks were awarded on Friday, March 15 during a meeting of Rotary Veenendaal. Women on Wings was there to accept a € 10,000 check, a contribution that makes it possible to continue our consultancy work at Fabric Plus in Guwahati in northeast India. This consultancy work has resulted in significant growth for Fabric Plus over the past few years alone. Women on Wings can now focus on helping the company reach other ambitions in the future. Expert Martha van Dijk held a presentation on Fabric Plus during the Rotary Veenendaal meeting.

Frans Verbeek from Rotary Veenendaal: “We’re happy that the money raised during the company sports day went to such a great company like Women on Wings. Martha’s presentation on Fabric Plus gave us a good idea of the company’s activities. We’d love to stay up-to-date on the results of Fabric Plus.”