Closing Wereldwinkel in Leersum results in contribution for Women on Wings

End of 2012, the Wereldwinkel (a Fairtrade shop) in Leersum unfortunately had to close its doors because of a shortage of volunteers. The Wereldwinkel shops in the Netherlands are largely run by volunteers. The Wereldwinkel donated its surplus to a number of organizations including Women on Wings.

Ilse Panis, President of Wereldwinkel Leersum: “I read with great interest an article on Women on Wings in De Kaap, a regional newspaper, and I immediately contacted Ellen Tacoma. The board of the Wereldwinkel had just decided to divide the surplus over a number of organizations that directly relates to Fairtrade. The Wereldwinkel supports the aims and working methods of Women on Wings. We are proud that the closure of our Wereldwinkel has resulted in a contribution of 6,150 euros to the creation of jobs for women in rural India.”

Women on Wings is happy and grateful to have received the Wereldwinkel contribution. The Wereldwinkel supported a number of other organizations with a financial contribution.