Growth increases to 60,400 jobs for women

Jobs continue to grow as expected. Since September 2012, Women on Wings has created nearly 10,000 extra jobs for women in rural India. This brings the total number to 60,400 jobs.

One of the customers showing a significant growth in jobs is Jharcraft in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Women on Wings has been working with Jharcraft since November 2011 on improving their processes and organization. The partnership resulted in enormous job growth in 2012 and plenty of opportunities for the future too. The turnover potential of Jharcraft is also on the rise.

Women on Wings expert Ronald van het Hof and Jharcraft management recently assessed the company’s order process (delivery times, quality, etc.). The current process was analyzed as part of a workshop. Ownership, partnership and communication between departments appeared to be recurring bottlenecks. A management exercise was able to lightheartedly clarify how effective collaboration can be. Participants not only enjoyed the exercise, they also understood the effects. This was an excellent basis for setting up the new process.

Additionally, Ronald has designed an order form with the Jharcraft team to ensure that all order information is available from the start. The entire order process was redesigned. A checklist of all process steps and ‘owners’ should help Jharcraft better manage their order process.