Great opportunities for Gram Mooligai through trends such as wellness

Health, biology, wellness: these remain growing trends that offer huge opportunities for Gram Mooligai. The new Women on Wings customer supplies –and works with medicinal plants and is located in Madurai in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. The use of medicinal plants and products is based on ancient traditions and knowledge and is very common in India. Gram Mooligai supplies materials to large Indian brands such as Himalaya and Natural Remedies.

Thousands of women in rural India gather these naturally grown medicinal plants, which can range from leaves to fruits and flowers. The women take the medicinal plants to one of the collection points where quality is assessed based on standards per species. The women are paid per kilo. The medicinal plants are pressed at a central storage point belonging to Gram Mooligai and are then processed further before being sent on to the customer. Most of these women use the money they earn to send their children to school. In this way, Women on Wings is helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Women on Wings held a workshop with the management of Gram Mooligai to explore options for further growth. The most important outcome was that they will be working from more of a business (market) perspective, creating many opportunities for further growth. The greatest advantage is that the materials are virtually unlimited as they grow naturally. Approaching the product from a different light and anticipating market trends will also contribute to job growth.

Medicinal plants are weighted

The women are paid per kilo

The entrepreneurs among the medicinal plants