Women on Wings’ goal for 2013: creating 100,000 jobs!

Last year, Women on Wings celebrated its fifth anniversary and their fantastic result of creating 51,300 jobs for women in India. The goal for 2013 is to continue this annual twofold increase and reach the milestone of 100,000 jobs this year.

Ellen Tacoma on this ambitious goal: “We certainly expect to meet our goal given the growth potential we see in existing and new clients.  With the help of our team of 50 consultancy experts, we plan on offering enough support for this growth. We are also enhancing our presence in India with several Indian consultants, among other professionals.”

To provide a strong foundation for their ambition this year and in the years to come, Women on Wings is looking for new companies that believe in breaking the poverty cycle through economic development.   “Companies that view India as a growth market and are willing to work on creating new jobs for women are more than welcome to participate,” says Maria van der Heijden. “We are also looking for experienced entrepreneurs and managers who are interested in sharing their expertise in the field of marketing and finance.”