Rabobank Foundation, Rabobank Utrechtse Waarden and Women on Wings strengthen Indian dairy co-op

The Rabobank Foundation, Rabobank Utrechtse Waarden and Women on Wings joined forces to create new jobs for women in rural India. This collaboration was formalized by signing a three-year agreement to support the Nagai Milk Producers Company (NAMPCO), a dairy cooperative in India.

The three partners
The Rabobank Foundation is an important pillar in the cooperative and sustainable policy of the Rabobank Group. The Rabobank Foundation supports roughly 200 programs in 25 countries each year. Their international focus is on cooperative microfinancing organizations and farm producer organizations in rural areas. With donations from 130 local Rabobank branches, the Rabobank Foundation offers underprivileged and disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to lead an independent life.

Rabobank Utrechtse Waarden will solidify its annual donation to the Rabobank Foundation by adopting a dairy farm in India. “NAMPCO could really use our support. This dairy farm co-op fits perfectly with the activities and general signature of our bank and core areas,” says Francien van der Wal, director of Business Management at Rabobank Utrechtse Waarden. In addition to their annual donation to the Rabobank Foundation, Rabobank Utrechtse Waarden decided to enlist the support of Women on Wings. “With their incredible wealth of knowledge and local expertise, we believe they can make a valuable contribution to NAMPCO by offering management support,” Francien explains. Women on Wings will support NAMPCO improve their organization, develop new dairy products and create and implement new distribution channels to generate more demand for dairy products in general.

NAMPCO, a cooperative from Nagapattinam in the southern province of Tamil Nadu, currently collects 1,000 liters of milk from 750 female farmers every day. Their goal is to quadruple the number of female farmers over the next three years. NAMPCO processes the milk and sells the dairy products on the local market. NAMPCO’s strives to increase revenues and link even more female famers with the cooperative in the years to come.