New consultant in India strengthens growth of Women on Wings

Deepika Sharma is Women on Wings’ fourth consultant in India as per January 1st. After studying hotel management, she gained extensive working experience in the Indian hotel and corporate business sector. With great success she and her sister set up the Indian branch of Shroff & Co, a buying house in Hong Kong.

Deepika: “I strongly identify with the vision that economic independence for rural women in India is the only sustainable way to empower them and reduce the gender inequalities that exist. I am very happy that I can contribute to this vision through my hands-on expertise in starting and managing small businesses. I am pleased to have this opportunity to put my knowledge and skills to work with something so close to my heart.”

Deepika lives in New Delhi where she also works in the family business, Deki Electronics Limited. She managed the creation and launch of footfall counting solutions for the retail industry.

Deepika is a highly experienced managerial and entrepreneurial consultant who will be extremely valuable to realizing the ambition of creating more jobs for women in rural India.