Gram Mooligai: new customer for Women on Wings

Gram Mooligai: new customer for Women on Wings

Gram Mooligai Company Limited is a company based in Madurai, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It manufactures herbal medicines from medicinal plants. Currently, 4,000 women gather and cultivate these medicinal plants. De joint goal is to more than double this number in the next 3 years.

Gram Mooligai is owned by a ‘Self Help Group’(SHG) of the women who gather and cultivate the medicinal plants. The women are shareholders of the SHG. Women on Wings will perform a quick scan beginning of February. With the outcome the experts and the management team of Gram Mooligai will jointly determine the growth strategy.

“Fantastic experts, board members, employees and other stakeholders support us in our work and share the same ambition: to take rural families out of poverty by creating employment for women.”

Maria van der Heijden
Co-founder at Women on Wings