Women on Wings launches carpet weaver motivation program

Women on Wings developed a motivation program for 40,000 carpet weavers working for Jaipur Rugs in rural India. As the wide majority of these carpet weavers are illiterate, the organization chose to present the core values of Jaipur Rugs through visual storytelling.

Experts Nicolette Biessels and Miranda Noordenbos developed a training program in the Netherlands for managers at Jaipur Rugs. Nicolette and fellow expert Mark Roerdinkholder will provide these managers with the practical tools they need to communicate with the carpet weavers. With the right images, the managers will be able to convey the beautiful story of Jaipur Rugs to villagers in rural India. The goal is to transform current and future carpet weavers into ambassadors who can inspire new weavers to join the movement. This will help Jaipur Rugs fulfill its ambition of selling more carpets and realizing a 10% increase in the number of jobs for women each year.

The proceeds of the auction held at the Women on Wings anniversary celebration on 17 September 2012 allowed us to continue to offer our services and fulfill our ambitions together with Jaipur Rugs.