Workshop in the jungle gives clear insight into the strengths of Fabric Plus

An intensive workshop with the board of Fabric Plus gave clear insight into the strengths of the team and of the individual board members. The aim of the workshop was to create improved implementation of the successful business of Fabric Plus in Guwahati.

Ellen Tacoma and expert Ronald van het Hof facilitated the workshop at the end of July at the behest of the Fabric Plus board. To ensure open discussion without any distractions from day-to-day interruptions, they worked for two days in an inspiring environment. In the jungle, just an hour outside of Guwahati, they talked about the state of play in the world of retail and consumer behaviour. The consequences of this for Fabric Plus were set out. The main issue discussed comprehensively was the internal use of social media.

An important part of the workshop was working from the perspective of core quadrants. The board members openly discussed their own work and that of their team. It wasn’t just the core quadrants that proved to be enlightening, to the great surprise of Dilip Barooah (CEO Fabric Plus), Nahata C S (Business Unit Director of Yarns) and J. Roy (Business Director of Sales), they had to work with playing cards and role-play. Ronald: “It was these management games that helped them gain a clearer understanding of how the team worked. It was sometimes a bit confrontational, but it was also tangible and concrete.”

Fabric Plus has (once again) gone for clear positioning. Dilip: “Our focus seems to have recently been on the production of silk garments. And that has meant that we haven’t thought enough about innovation and design for saris and shawls, which are at the heart of our company. So we are going back to the heart of things. We plan to create a special collection of shawls that really does justice to the name Fabric + PLUS!”