Women on Wings celebrates its five year anniversary with HRH Princess Máxima

On Monday 17 September, Women on Wings will celebrate its five year anniversary. During the anniversary celebration and in the presence of HRH Princess Máxima, the number of jobs that Women on Wings has realized over the past five years will be announced.

Women on Wings was founded in 2007 by Ellen Tacoma and Maria van der Heijden from their vision that a woman with a sustainable income can break through the vicious cycle of poverty.
Maria: “The contrast between our life and the lives of women in India is extraordinary. With Women on Wings we want to do something about it. We encourage economic activity in order to offer women opportunities. Women on Wings links the power of these women with the knowledge of all parts of the value chain. From production to sales. ”

Ellen adds: “With respect for cultural differences and equality, we make available our expertise and 20 years of work experience, enabling workers to grow more quickly and to create more jobs. We fulfill the temporary role of mentor, advisor or helpful foreman, depending on what is required and what is preferred.”

Over five years, Women on Wings has expanded to become an organization that works with 15 Indian organizations, 4 Indian consultants, 5 international companies and over 50 Dutch experts toward one target: one million jobs for women in rural India.