Target for 2012 already achieved: number of jobs rises to 33,600

The number of jobs created by Women on Wings has expanded to 33,600. The target for 2012 was to double the number of jobs per end 2011 (12,413). This target is more than exceeded in the first six months. Two of the customers with whom this strong growth is achieved, are e.g. Fabric Plus and Jharcraft.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for handmade silk saris from Jharcraft, the number of jobs at Jharcraft’s silkworm farm has expanded enormously. Jharcraft has involved the participation of women at each level starting from raising the silk worms in and around the home. The women reel and spin the cocoon to yarn, they produce fabric from the yarn by weaving on handlooms. And they make the surface ornamentations on the final woven products, e.g. saris. Women are engaged in the entire value chain and are able to combine this well with caring for their families.

Women on Wings has actively worked with Jharcraft since January 2012 on switching from a product-focused to a market-focused working method. The ambitious young management team at Jharcraft, encouraged by CEO Dhirendra Kumar, has really taken on the advice given by Women on Wings and now acts on the wishes of the client. Dhirendra Kumar: “The partnership with Women on Wings has taught us to look at our business in a different way. I look to the future with great confidence.”

The growth of jobs in silkworm farming is an unexpected development for Women on Wings. Founder Ellen Tacoma: “When we started working in India five years ago, we worked with organizations that produced handmade goods. Mainly woven and embroidered items. The development of jobs now is mainly in agriculture, raising silkworms. It’s not only Jharcraft that is big in silk products, our customer Fabric Plus is aiming to be the biggest supplier of silk in India. ”