Fabric Plus takes firm steps towards professionalization

Women on Wings works closely with directors and management at Fabric Plus on realizing their dream: becoming the largest supplier of silk in India and in doing so creating new jobs. Its budget and estimate has been set for 2012-2013 for the two business units, Yarns and Fabrics.

Expert Ronald van het Hof worked with Nahata CS, Business Unit Director for Yarns, on the budget and estimate of its business unit, mainly in relation to turnover. The prognosis for turnover is very good. The question, however, is how to realize this and to monitor it per week, month, quarter and year. And which steps should Nahata CS take if it cannot realize its budget?
Ronald: “We have translated the budget very firmly into set periods of time and have developed a report to be followed up per phase. A firm SMART sales plan is now being compiled for Yarns.”

In the same way, J. Roy, Business Unit Director for Fabrics established the budget and estimate for the business unit alongside Ronald. Work with the newly implemented business unit structure was really taken on by Fabric Plus and directors and staff have reported a positive experience with this structure.
Dilip Barooah, CEO of Fabric Plus: “Thanks to the Women on Wings workshops, we now know what we need to achieve our high targets. It can sometimes seem tough, but that is part of the process of working towards professionalization. Ultimately it’s about a significant growth, both for our company, Fabric Plus, as well as in the number of jobs for women.”