Shrujan works on an ambitious vision for 2020

Shrujan is slowly but gradually changing from a production-driven company into a market-driven organization and continues to ask itself the question: what does our customer want? Shrujan wants to safeguard its future as well as the future of its artisans and has developed a long-term vision for 2020. In April 2012, experts Annet van den Hoek and Irma van Zand from Women on Wings looked into the implications for the organization alongside Shrujan.

Shrujan in Bhuj, Gujarat has been making hand-embroidered saris, clothing and accessories for over 40 years using traditional embroidery patterns. This has now created work for 3,250 women in the countryside. The Women on Wings experts have been working with the owner and the management on the long-term vision.

Irma: “Shrujan wants to increase its turnover fivefold by 2020, but how? Well, by placing itself in a higher market segment, which means high-quality products, design, silk, cultural identity and high prices. In order to market Shrujan as ‘haute couture’ we also worked on a Branding and Communication vision for the company.”

Shrujan has great ambition but also faces a massive challenge across all disciplines and people in the company. Annet and the management looked into the implications for the production and supply chain.

Annet: “Several improvements have been made since our last work visit at the end of 2011. It was agreed that this year will see the start of six production groups in a village, made up of the best embroiderers (100 women) who will produce the best quality silk saris and skirts. These groups will gradually be expanded to include more villages. Shrujan will teach the women via workshops, training sessions and ’contests’ and will support them in their work.”