Rupa Girish creates fluid links between India and the Netherlands

Since April 2010 Rupa has been a consultant for Women on Wings. Not only does she have an extensive network within the Indian business world, she also knows just how important branding is. A valuable combination in gaining access to businesses in India who can help Women on Wings realize its target.

Women on Wings has a number of partnerships with internationally operating companies. Together with these companies, Women on Wings has developed a number of custom programs that contribute to both the targets of the companies as well as to those of Women on Wings. Up to now, these partners have been Dutch companies. Thanks to Rupa, Women on Wings is increasingly getting to know Indian companies. Moreover, she is looking into ways in which Women on Wings can increase its branding in India. Rupa’s proposal is to participate in public activities such as marathons. The plan for 2013 is to take part in the Women’s Run in Mumbai.

Rupa explains: “ Last year, this Women’s Run has had a lot of coverage in the media and has been linked to the position and safety of women. The sanitary pads program started up by Women on Wings along with UNICEF, UNDP and IKEA Foundation deals with the social freedom women gain through using sanitary pads, as well as the overall position of women. So it’s about economics, social position and hygiene. I am delighted to be part of Women on Wings and to work for opportunities that lead to the realization of our target. ”