IKEA Foundation: IF we work together, we can make lasting change around the world.

The IKEA Foundation released its annual review 2011. In 2011 they donated EUR 65 million to 47 charitable programmes, e.g. to Women on Wings sanitary pads programme. This constitutes an increase of 45% over the previous year.

Per Heggenes, CEO IKEA Foundation: “IF… is a powerful word. IF connects what we do today, to the world we will have tomorrow. IF allows us to dream of a better life, while underscoring that it isn’t certain, that it takes action, that there are circumstances that must exist for change to happen. This is why IF is such an important word to us.
IF we create better opportunities for women and children, we can turn the cycle of poverty into a circle of prosperity. IF we take responsibility and give generously, we can reach 100 million children. IF we work together, we can achieve lasting results throughout the world.
Our partnerships continue to develop. We are now working with more than 15 organizations in more than 30 countries.”

The IKEA Foundation is collaborating in the sanitary pads programme with UNICEF, UNDP and Women on Wings to improve hygiene and access to feminine hygiene products in rural India where menstruation is stigmatized. Half of adolescent girls consider it a disease and don’t know how to deal with it. This programme will help girls stay in school while empowering women as entrepreneurs by making and marketing feminine hygiene products in their villages.

For more details on the activities of the IKEA Foundation, please visit www.ikeafoundation.org