Adding value to creating jobs for women and selling rugs in India

Tanveen Ratti is not only a consultant for Women on Wings in India, adding value to creating jobs for women in rural India, she is also a designer who works with crafts, celebrating the heritage of India. She transforms traditional products into more contemporary ones.

For Women on Wings, Tanveen regularly works with Dutch experts and Indian organizations to combine Indian culture and work ethics with the Dutch way of doing things. This helps experts better anticipate the needs of the Indian customer and also improves the partnership approach. Yet her design skills are also used in collaboration with Indian customers. At Jaipur Rugs, Tanveen worked with Dutch expert Nicolette Biessels.

Nicolette: “Jaipur Rugs sells fabulous carpets, each with its own unique story. The carpets are not made by machines, but knotted by hand by women in the countryside. However, that story remains untold, while it is of huge value to the buyer. During our last work visit Tanveen designed a label that can be used to tell the story of each carpet: where it was made, how long it took to make and who made it. It might just be a little idea, but it has had such a great effect that it was taken on immediately by Jaipur Rugs. A valuable addition to our aim of adding value to the Jaipur Rugs brand.”

Jaipur Rugs is a manufacturer of carpets and specialized in hand-knotted carpets made by over 40.000 artisans in 10 states of India. Their ambition is to grow towards 100.000 artisans within the next five years. Women on Wings supports Jaipur Rugs since end of 2010 in realizing its’ ambitious targets.