Fabric Plus makes an ambitious start in 2012

Fabric Plus strives to become the largest silk supplier in India and the largest Eri silk supplier in the world within five to ten years. This was the result of a brainstorming session this week between experts José van Aken and Ronald van het Hof and the management of Fabric Plus. Currently they produce both silk and acrylic thread and choices will now need to be made in terms of investment. This ambitious target has given shape to decision making in the short and long term and will surely result in more jobs for women.

Following the last work visit – which focused on brand-building and awareness, product development and production, shop concept and visual merchandising and on the primary processes and the associated organizational structure – it is high time to get going in a commercial sense and begin working on the related sales department.

Ronald: “Taking this goal as our starting point, we discussed the various entry points of introducing a sales department: from the client, from the product and from the channel. Then we brainstormed with the management team, who came up with their own proposal for a sales department design.” The proposal they made laid the basis for a good discussion on shifting from a product-oriented organization to a customer-oriented organization. “Following this discussion, a blueprint was created for a sales department in a growing organization. This blueprint is their guide in making every single decision when it comes to deploying (new) staff in sales,” says José.

The experts were also impressed this week by the festive presentation of the book Indian Ways of Silk co-authored by Dilip Barooah, CEO of Fabric Plus.